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Less and less. Then more.


We were tasked with re-working all user flows to streamline the iOS experience, as well refreshing the brand and the overall look. Fun stuff.



We meticulously went through all of the features to identify all possible simplifications. While removing unnecessary UI and streamlining features it allowed us to accommodate new features with ease. Boom.

Light brand update

Shopilly collects and organizes offers, coupons and receipts for you in a personalized and highly visual dashboard.

Custom icon set

A sample of the new style for all icons


Content is king. We removed as much distraction as possible to focus on as little as possible.

Show your appreciation with a YEAAH!

No need to get fancy here, double-tap to show your into this.

An organized place only for stuff you care about

Goodsh is similar to a recommendation notebook. We wanted all the content you care about to be easily accessible in one place. Easy to access - easy to add.

Post, save or ask a question

Using the bottom drawer made it feel natural to access these features anywhere in the app.


Available from the App store