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Inventing an entire brand and product  from the ground up.  Awesome.


Client recognizing the current success with the use of all sources of social media to promote hairdressers and drive service and retail sales.  While these are useful tools for both the professionals and the consumers of the beauty industry, there is a lack of organization that could maximize their effectiveness.


Growing the community will as always be the key to success. The app is the best starting point as its easy to dynamically tailor it to the many use cases needed, as well as connecting the consumer side with professionals. Consumers, stylists, salons and product brands can all share and inspire each other in the app and build a win-win community. 

The Identity

We created a logotype and a glyph to be used both separated and in harmony

Clean and functional, content is king.

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All unique account types are color coded so that its always clear wether you’re viewing a consumer or a professional account

iOS Key screens

Tieing it all together with a branded marketing site