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We designed and built an app that makes it easy to  create great stories through video. MixBit let you record, edit, collaborate and publish videos from the palm of your hand.


MixBit intended to bridge the gap of groups recording and collecting clips, to getting this content together to create one collective video. No other app had done this seamlessly as video in its nature quickly gets complex while trying to do too much.


We aimed to stay focused on engaging people while collaborating. While its hard to expect a group of people to huddle together in the app at the same time we focused on allowing users to engage each other with comments,  activity feeds and notifications when new content is added and when the video is published.

“Finally an social app that puts content first”


“YouTube founders remix Vine and Instagram with Mixbit for iOS”


“MixBit To Crack The Code Of Video Editing On Mobile”


The app makes it fun to record, collect and edit videos together as a group


Invite to Collaborate

Send your invites! Friends with MixBit will be notified in the app, while people you invite via email can sign up on their phone.  They can then start adding videos and photos to your project.

Turn & record

An alternative UI allowing users to make videos faster and more streamlined than ever before. In this release we tried allowing users to simply turn the phone to record and turn in it back to edit.

Pro Version 1.0

The first IOS version was targeting amateur film makers and had more of a pro look and feel.