University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix

UX · UI · Visual

A fully functional and virtual classroom created for the iPad.


To create an iPad app that works a class room on-the-go, full access to the class syllabus, virtual class rooms and discussion boards.


Gesture based complimentary app to desktop application. A dashboard allow users to easily access all their daily to-do’s and assignments due. A discussions board also shows all the latest subjects posted between by users,  but also between users and faculty. Although the dashboard is essential the  classroom is where most of the time is spent and also where all the interaction takes place.

We chose to make it the center the application, it served as the high level concept but also as the actual placement as we developed the application.  With the class in the center, swiping left reveals the dashboard, swiping right brings up the discussion board.


Is the academic headquarters for the student's experience and is where classes are managed.


The Classroom

The center of the tablet experience, and where the sparks are ignited in the learning process - evoked by rich media.


Supports and empowers shared learning experiences.